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Top 5 Best Destiny: Rise of Iron Year 3 Legendary Weapons


Top 5 Best Destiny: Rise of Iron Year 3 Legendary Weapons

The best Legendaries to take with you.

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Something Wicked


Need a Rocket Launcher, but can’t spare your Exotic slot for the Gjallarhorn? I highly recommend picking up Something Wicked from the Crucible Quartermaster if you can. With perks like Heavy Payload and Danger Close, this is a seriously high-impact, fast-reloading Rocket Launcher that serves as a very solid substitute for the Gjallarhorn.

It’s missing the cluster Wolfpack rounds, but the tracking shots on this thing make it a worthy weapon to have on you at all times. Titans with the Taikonaut Exotic helmet will be able to get tracking on all their Rocket Launchers, but Something Wicked is the perfect fit for the other two classes that don’t have the same privilege in Destiny.

Bought from: Crucible Quartermaster

Perks: Confined Launch/Smart Drift Control/Countermass, Grenadier/Danger Close, Snapshot/Heavy Payload, Tracking

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