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Platinum Games Celebrates Bayonetta 2 Anniversary With amiibo

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Platinum Games Celebrates Bayonetta 2 Anniversary With amiibo

Yusuke Hashimoto, director of Bayonetta 2 has just announced that they are celebrating the second  anniversary of Bayonetta 2 with an amiibo announcement. In an official Platinum Games blog post, Hashimoto teases the figure with a small photo of the figure but he states that “I’m afraid that this little taste is all I can give you right now, since we’re still working hard to get her just right”

He assures that the team are being meticulous with her design and making sure that “every detail down to the exact sizes of her glasses and eyes” are correct, and ensures that the team will “bring you an amiibo that’ll meet your every expectation.”

There is still no word when her figure will be released, but Hashimoto suggests that her figure is still in the design phase so it might be a bit until her official unveiling. Check out the official blog post for more information and images.

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