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Fans Revive Online Support for Battlefield 2142 With Revive

battlefield 2142

Fans Revive Online Support for Battlefield 2142 With Revive

Hundreds of players are jumping back into the action.

If you’re wanting to jump back into the futuristic FPS-action of the now-dead Battlefield 2142, you’re in luck. Fans have effectively revived the game’s online multiplayer, which was taken offline with the death of GameSpy, with the new title Battlefield 2142 Revive. Initially released in 2006, the game was taken offline in 2014 when EA decided to remove several of its titles’ online support.

According to Revive‘s website, hundreds of players are taking advantage of the free servers and file download. It’s yet unclear, however, if EA will allow the Revive project, one of the most successful revival projects of recent years, to continue operating.

While 2142 was the only venture into the future the series has taken to date, fans have reportedly been anticipating a return to the setting in future installments. Battlefield 1, which is the furthest from that with its World War I setting, releases Oct. 21, and you can read more on that title here on Twinfinite.

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This post was originally written by James Herd.

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