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The Author of World War Z is Writing a Minecraft Novel


The Author of World War Z is Writing a Minecraft Novel

Max Brooks is an avid Minecraft player.

Mojang has announced that Max Brooks, the American author and screenwriter, is writing an official novel based on the Minecraft universe.

Marsh Davis, the creative communications director at Mojang, detailed the news in a press release, revealing that the upcoming book will be titled “Minecraft: The Island.”

Brooks is best known for his globetrotting zombie horror book “World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War”, which was adapted into a full-lenght feature film starring Brad Pitt back in 2013.

The author himself was quoted in the press release, stating that he’s “very excited to be part of this new venture,” which will now enable him to “justify all those hours I’ve spent playing Minecraft.”

Brooks has already produced an early draft, and Davis promised that it’s already “entirely amazing.”

“Think cuboid Robinson Crusoe, but madder,” states Davis, “a hero stranded in an unfamiliar land, with unfamiliar rules, learning to survive against tremendous odds.”

There’s no word yet on when “Minecraft: The Island” is set to release, but be sure to check back in with Twinfinite for all future news surrounding this massive franchise.


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