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Attack on Titan: How to Get and Use Firebombs


Attack on Titan: How to Get and Use Firebombs

Firebombs – Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan is the hit anime and manga series’ new video game for the PS4 and Vita. You’re going to be taking on the role of several iconic characters as you roll through the story or different missions within the game. Of course, fighting Titans is a huge part of the game, and you’re going to need to face a ton of them. Naturally, it’s good to have the right equipment. That’s where firebombs come in!

These are unlocked organically through the story, and appear as an orange, molotov cocktail-looking icon in your inventory. You’re able to scroll through this using the left and right buttons on your d-pad, and once you have the firebombs highlighted, you simply hit up to throw one. Keep in mind your character lobs this, so it might end up missing your target if you’re not accounting for your positioning. There’s no real auto aim, so you need to get the timing and height right. I recommend throwing from ground level.

Firebombs simply deal heavy damage to whatever part of the Titan’s body you aimed at before throwing it. It also comes into play at some point in the story, but we won’t spoil that for you here! Go forth and take some cheap shots with firebombs! Who needs to slash when you can light on fire from a distance, right?

For more Attack on Titan help, check out our wiki full of tips and guides!

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