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10 Achievements and Trophies You Should Be Ashamed to Own


10 Achievements and Trophies You Should Be Ashamed to Own

The things we do for gamerscore…

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There are very few things in gaming as satisfying as the sound of a trophy or achievement popping up on your screen after successfully beating a tough boss or insane challenge. They are in essence digital bragging rights, a way for you to show off to everyone that you have a mastery of a certain game. However, that hasn’t stopped developers from putting achievements and trophies in that are just embarrassing to own. Some could see this as a cruel joke since many of us want to try and unlock everything in a certain video game. There’s very little we won’t do to unlock a shiny new achievement, even if we need to sacrifice our pride or commit a deplorable series of acts in the name of boosting our gamerscore.


However, these are achievements and trophies that even we’d be a bit embarrassed to own and show off to our friends. If you are looking to avoid any awkward conversations with fellow trophy and achievement hunters, then these are ones you should probably avoid unlocking.

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