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5 Video Games That Might Make Perfect Board Games Some Day


5 Video Games That Might Make Perfect Board Games Some Day

From TV screen to dinner table.

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No Man’s Sky

no man's sky space

No Man’s Sky was a great concept. You start off on the very edge of the universe with a wrecked ship and very little else to your name and are tasked with reaching the center of the universe. You’ve got to find supplies, visit space stations to sell items you scavenge from planets, and use all of this to help power your ship’s warp drive, and uncover the secrets of the universe and all that it entails. Though the game did have a couple of limitations and feature absences that led to a somewhat divided reception among players and critics alike, the premise is perfect for a board game.

We’re talking Dungeons and Dragons style. You’ve got a Universe Master there to tell the tale of your adventure to the center of the universe. Of course, your trip to the center of the universe isn’t going to be straightforward, and meeting space pirates and other hostile creatures is highly likely. Encountering other players offers you a number of different opportunities. You can opt to help one another and trade items, or you can just shoot their ship into a million pieces. An evening of backstabbing and space adventures awaits.

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