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5 Lessons Overwatch Can Teach Every Other Shooter


5 Lessons Overwatch Can Teach Every Other Shooter

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Free Updates


Season passes have become the norm of gaming, but some studios don’t think you need to pay money for the game after you buy it. Blizzard is one such company, having made the choice to release every future Overwatch character for free by just including them in future updates. Like CD Projekt Red with The Witcher 3, they believe in building trust with the player, and it certainly shows.

By vowing to make all future characters free, the only thing that players have the option to spend real money on are loot boxes. Even then, that’s only if you don’t feel like waiting for them to arrive when you ascend to the next level. Halo 5 has a similar system in play as well, and it’s one that should be adopted going forward. No one can complain about missing content from the disc when you’re giving out cool stuff with zero cost to them.

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