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5 Great Games and The Inspirations Behind Them


5 Great Games and The Inspirations Behind Them

Where it all began…

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Resident Evil – Sweet Home


Back in the 90’s, Resident Evil was the go to franchise to quench your bloodthirsty survival horror needs. The main form of its inspiration came back in 1989, from a NES game entitled Sweet Home. Sweet Home was an RPG loosely based on a Japanese horror film of the same name, and key components of the original Resident Evil game were of a clear influence taken from the NES horror outing. In fact, Resident Evil was originally named Sweet Home before taking on a whole new life of its own. Although Sweet Home had a limited platform in terms of its graphics at the time, it was still able to successfully portray a sense of horror with its setting and surroundings.

Inspiring the setting of Resident Evil, Sweet Home also took place in a mysterious mansion filled with dark corridors and grotesque encounters with monsters. The QTE-style traps and puzzles are also heavily reminiscent with the Capcom series, and the tension found within is said to have also provoked the use of the frustrating cut-to-the-door loading screen that was present through the early Resident Evil games. Not necessarily a feature we are grateful for, but still.

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