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Nintendo NX Is the First Prize in a Splatoon Tournament

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Nintendo NX Is the First Prize in a Splatoon Tournament

Splattering one some interesting prizes.

Those partaking in the upcoming European Splatoon tournament will have a chance to win Nintendo’s mysterious NX console. The members of the team that lands in the first place will receive one NX each, despite the public knowing little to nothing about the console apart from some rumors and a promising game line-up.

According to an official announcement, the Go4Splatoon tournament will kick off this Sunday, September 11, and will last for a total of six months. At the end of the tournament somewhere in early 2017, the winners of each month’s cup will compete for a chance to win a Nintendo NX console.

Since we still know so little about the NX, it’s safe to assume Nintendo will shed some light on the console in the coming six months before one of the winners leaks official details about the console online. All we can do for now is speculate what the console could look like, however.

Special thanks to IGN for making the news known.

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