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Zarya Shares Her Overwatch Workout Plan So You Can Be as Jacked as Her


Zarya Shares Her Overwatch Workout Plan So You Can Be as Jacked as Her

Together, we are strong.

There are several truths that Overwatch players know. Soldier: 76 is the dad, D. Va is a Dorito gremlin, and Zarya is jacked as all hell. If you’ve ever wanted to follow in the Russian bodybuilder’s footsteps, that’s good, because she’s decided to give some exercise advice.

The folks at Bodybuilding got to have a one-on-one with the pink-haired hero, who revealed what she does to stay in such good shape. Along with nutrition tips–25-30% of your calories should come from proteins, according to her, and 45-60% should be carbs (“Don’t be afraid of fats!”)–she’s made a workout plan. Here ya go:

  • Power Snatch
    • 5 Sets, 3 Reps (90% 1RM)
  • Zercher Squats
    • 5 Sets, 3-5 Reps
  • Bent Over Barbell Row
    • 4 Sets, 6-8 Reps
  • Zercher Squats
    • 5 Sets, 20-30 Yards

For beginners, Zarya recommends that you start light and practice with a good technique. Keep practicing, and you’ll eventually get to her snatch level of 467 pounds. She says that if you want to train with her, you’ve got to be squatting at least 660 pounds. No matter your skill level, the Overwatch character says that you should always find a person to lift with, “to lift you up when you’re burning out”. Like she always says: “Together, we are strong.”

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