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Windows 10 Anniversary Updates Arriving on Xbox One Soon

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Windows 10 Anniversary Updates Arriving on Xbox One Soon

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Microsoft will be rolling out some updates for the Windows 10 operating system this upcoming Tuesday said to bridge the gap between PC and Xbox One players. The Anniversary Update will bring some improvements to the Windows Store on Xbox One, as well as the integration of Cortana in the US and the UK, the ability to listen to background music and an option to select your language of choice, the latter of which is now bound to your region.

Apparently, Microsoft has been closely listening to the feedback of users and gamers alike, resulting in the addition of these highly requested features. On top of that, cross-platform gaming with the Xbox One will also become much more fluid and effortless for users.

Those who play on an Xbox One will also notice some major changes made to the game library. Users now have tons of options when searching for specific games and apps, along with more flexible filters that allow you to search for games based on their popularity.

Along with these updates comes the possibility to organize your apps and games, which will save you the time from scrolling all the way through your list to find that one title you want to play. Microsoft also stated that they’re thrilled with the positive feedback Windows 10 received compared to previous versions, with 350 million devices running the OS and an accumulated 135 billion hours of Windows 10 in action.


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