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Vy’keen – No Man’s Sky Wiki Guide


Vy’keen – No Man’s Sky Wiki Guide

In No Man’s Sky you’ll come across many different alien species and even a few intelligent ones as well, including the intimidating Vykeen alien race. The Vy’keen are one of the more militaristic and physically imposing forms of intelligent life you’ll come across throughout No Man’s Sky. They are one of the few that look like they can actually take you in a fist fight (assuming our character is just a regular old human).

Throughout the game, you’ll be interacting with alien species like the Vy’keen in space stations, on planets, and/or on trading posts. To get the most out of your interactions with them and increase your standing, you’ll need to “speak their language” so to say. That could mean literally, if you discover enough words via knowledge stones, space station interactions, or otherwise. That could also mean just getting to know their culture.

For the Vy’keen, you need to always keep in mind that they are very rooted in honor and military customs. Above all, they value bravery and have a strong respect for tradition. So anytime you’re dealing with the Vy’keen or their artifacts, you need to choose answers follow that mindset.

For example, one monolith we interacted with tempted us with riches within a Vy’keen burial site of sorts. You could reach for the treasure, but instead we resisted. Some unseen Vy’keen was appreciative of us respecting their traditions, and rewarded us with new Vy’keen words and greatly increased standing.

Also, as mentioned, they greatly value bravery and are easily offended if you show fear in them trying to interact or help you in some way, or show any type of cowardice. Be as firm as they are, without fearing them (the Vy’leen are not out to get you), and you’ll quickly earn their respect and increase your standing.

That’s the gist of how to increase your standing with the Vy’keen in No Man’s Sky. If you’re looking for more No Man’s Sky tips and tricks when it comes to alien species, you may find the below tips and tricks guides helpful. Also be sure to check our overall No Man’s Sky Wiki Guide with tons of tips to get you through the game and answer many of your questions. Best of luck out there!

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