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Two Easy Ways to Escape Dangerous Storms in No Man’s Sky


Two Easy Ways to Escape Dangerous Storms in No Man’s Sky

Brave the storms.

No Man’s Sky, despite being toted as an exploration game, is a surprisingly tough survival simulator in the right scenarios.

One of the game’s toughest challenges are planets with extreme temperatures and storms. Whether you’re dealing with radiation, toxicity, freezing, or sweltering heat, matters are only made worse when a storm rolls in to ruin your day. Usually, one would make a beeline for their ship or the nearest building to escape the storm, but we’ve found two strategies that make them a non-issue.

The first is easily the most reliable strategy. Essentially, No Man’s Sky will stabilize your temperature as long as you’re in your ship or have a proper roof over your head to keep the elements at bay. And while caves are sometimes nearby as a makeshift shelter, you can literally make one yourself. All you need is a grenade launcher mod on your multi-tool.

Just walk up to any unsuspecting wall of rock, and start firing away. Once you make a large enough hole that you can take 8 or 10 steps into, you’ll notice that the game has registered you as indoors, and thus completely safe from the storm.

The other strategy requires no preparation, but it does require that you’re on a planet with bodies of water. Just dive right in, and you’ll have protection from any storm or extreme temperatures while you’re underwater. Though, you’ll also have to keep on eye on the oxygen, so keep that in mind.

These two quick tips can easily mean life or death in No Man’s Sky, but also serve to make unpleasant planets a bit more tolerable when you’re trying to get rich mining.


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