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Metroid Prime: Federation Force Story Trailer Drops, Fans Still Not Impressed


Metroid Prime: Federation Force Story Trailer Drops, Fans Still Not Impressed

The cosmic battle unfolds in this latest preview.

Nintendo has today released a 30-second story trailer for the upcoming 3DS title Metroid Prime: Federation Force, a video that’s seeing continued fan displeasure.

Since its reveal back at E3 2015, Metroid Prime: Federation Force was met with a wave of negative feedback, criticized for its lack of resemblance to the Metroid series, particularly the absence of protagonist Samus Aran. Fans were also critical of the game’s focus on multiplayer over the traditional exploration values of past games. The timing of this reveal also hits a sore spot since Metroid celebrated its 30th anniversary of the original game just a few days ago, with only this trailer to the so far unwelcomed spin-off to show for it.

“oh wait i got the story

it’s a sad story

the story of the metroid franchise” – mario fili

Releasing on Aug. 19, the latest entry in the critically-acclaimed sci-fi franchise showcases galactic mayhem ensuing between the warring Federation and Space Pirates. Set in the Metroid Prime universe, players will take control of a Galactic Federation Force soldier, who will fight alongside fellow marines across a variety of planets.

Though the game is set to be playable on all 3DS models, those with the New Nintendo 3DS will benefit from the use of the handheld’s unique C-Stick for better control of the surrounding environment. Nintendo has also confirmed that amiibo functionality will be supported.

Time will tell as to whether the co-op spin-off can survive without the beloved heroine bounty hunter, and if the insight into this different part of the universe will be enough to alleviate fans underwhelmed by the initial reveal.

Metroid Prime: Federation Force is accompanied by Metroid Prime Blast Ball, a Rocket League-style Soccer hybrid in which teams of three attempt to shoot balls into the goals. Blast Ball is currently available in the Nintendo 3DS eShop.


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