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Top 5 Easiest July 2016 PlayStation Trophies and Platinums


Top 5 Easiest July 2016 PlayStation Trophies and Platinums

More trophies, more problems.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance

Marvel Ultimate Alliance Cap

Marvel Ultimate Alliance saw a re-release on the current generation of consoles towards the tail-end of July. While it has its issues, the game does bring along a very manageable list of trophies for avid collectors. Marvel Ultimate Alliance isn’t a particularly difficult game, especially when playing with friends, but it can be a bit time consuming, which is possibly the only major factor working against it. Even so, if you have some patience and don’t mind a bit of a grind, Marvel Ultimate Alliance will help drive that Platinum ticker up one.

There are some collectibles to gather, but you can easily find guides for those online, as the game has been out for some time. Also, there are some sweet spots such as the Asgard simulation levels where you can earn tons of money and experience. Just stick with it, and watch the trophies roll in.

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