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Titania Gracefully Enters Battle in Latest Major Warframe Update – The Silver Grove

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Titania Gracefully Enters Battle in Latest Major Warframe Update – The Silver Grove

A new character and a slew of other improvements.

Warframe has received yet another hefty content update, bundled together with a slew of other changes and fixes. The most prominent addition is Titania, the brand new fairy Warframe that’s showcased in the featured video. Her powers include providing her Tenno cell with a number of enemy-dependant buffs, as well as levitating and disarming her foes. Her most interesting feature however, has to be the ability to turn into a tiny flying version of herself, which nullifies the enemies’ accuracy while buffing Titania. This new Warframe brings with it a whole new quest as well, where players have to locate and scan all manner of flora that can be found across the Solar system.

Among other additions are two new weapons – the Sarpa burst gunblade and the infested kunai Pox, which spreads dangerous toxins upon hitting its target.

The most important change comes in the way of Endo, which replaces the old Fusion Core mechanic with a more player-friendly interface for upgrading mods. Players’ Fusion Cores have been automatically turned into large quantities of Endo, which can also be dropped by killed enemies and by getting rid of mod duplicates.

Another new feature is the inclusion of the so-called Glyphs, which function much as Source Engine’s spraying does. Players can now select from dozens of pictures and use them to mark important parts of any given level.

Warframe’s Operators have also gotten access to new wardrobe, with two new suits being available for players to purchase. Finally, Warframe’s unique take on ball sports – Lunaro – has been given a new batch of content as well, with a whole new map with different goalposts.

To check out the whole (rather substantial) list of fixes and changes, the full changelog can be accessed here.

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This post was originally written by Filip Galekovic.

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