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5 Improvements No Man’s Sky Needs to Be Less of a Chore


5 Improvements No Man’s Sky Needs to Be Less of a Chore

Autopilot function, please.

Less Micro-Management

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No Man’s Sky is a ton of fun, and the pure act of exploration and discovery has been a blast so far. If only I didn’t have to charge all of my gear every two minutes or so. While I understand the need to power up my ship’s Launch Thrusters every now again, it’s more than a little annoying to have the game remind you about the Life Support meter decreasing so often.

It’s not that players lack the resources to charge up the Life Support, but the fact that it goes down so quickly can make it a nuisance, because you have to keep stopping every couple of minutes to pull up your menu and charge it again. Not only that, you have to keep an eye on the charge levels for your Multi-tool, your offensive upgrades, and your ship’s fuels. The micro-management in this game sounds great in concept, but constantly gets in the way of exploration.

Oh, and if you don’t have enough Isotope stacks with you, you’ll have to hike back to your ship to get some from the cargo if you’re too far away from it.

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