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The Witness Is Making Its Way to Xbox One

the witness shady trees

The Witness Is Making Its Way to Xbox One

Prepare to get puzzlin’

Today, it was announced that The Witness would be coming to the Xbox One, following its PS4 release earlier this year.

The news came from an IGN exclusive in which Creator of The Witness, Jonathan Blow, revealed that he and the rest of the team at Thekla Inc. were working to have the game released on the Xbox One by Sept. 13, 2016. When speaking with IGN, Blow stated that other than some “technical differences,” the Xbox One version is “basically the same game.”

The Witness is also due to come to iOS at some point in the future. Again, the game will remain the same 3D, first-person puzzle experience that it is on other platforms, though this version will have downgraded visuals to allow the smart devices to handle it. Thekla Inc. is also looking at a tap-based control method for the game other than directional arrows on the screen. Players will tap once to walk, double tap to run and use two fingers to strafe around the beautiful world to be explored in The Witness.

No release date has been stated for the iOS version of The Witness just yet. “It’s such a lower-end platform we have to redo a ton of stuff,” Blow said.

We really enjoyed The Witness and gave it a 5/5. You can check out the full review here.


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