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The Walking Dead Season 3 Will Feature Well Known Comic Characters

the walking dead

The Walking Dead Season 3 Will Feature Well Known Comic Characters

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The Walking Dead’s third season is set to be released later this year by Telltale and no doubt many fans of the series are looking forward to jumping back into that world to kill zombies and make really difficult choices.

In an interview with IBTimes UK, Head of Creative Communications Job Stauffer explained how players should keep a look out for well known characters from the comic this series is based on.

“As we get into this third season, it does start butting up against where the comics are now,” Stauffer said. “Geographically we’re very much closer to Virginia, and that does open the door… we will be seeing some characters from the comics, more highly integrated with this third season.

“We experimented with that in our mini-series earlier this year, The Walking Dead: Michonne, but as we go into season three – focusing on characters from the games – the door is open and we will see very well-known characters interacting with [protagonists] Clementine and Javier.”

When asked about what sort of theme season three will have, Stauffer explained that this season will take place several years after the events of season 2. Clementine is now a teenager and survivors are starting to create larger factions.

“Thematically, we’re at an era where it’s so many years into the apocalypse that it’s not just about small groups trying to get society back up and running, it’s larger groups and larger factions. People trying to figure out how to communicate with different communities, how does the mail work, how does commerce work, how do we get society back up and running in this new world, this new frontier of… ‘What is America now, what is the world now, after the apocalypse?’.”

Season 3 of The Walking Dead will debut later this year in the Fall.

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