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The Sims FreePlay: How to Build a Pool


The Sims FreePlay: How to Build a Pool

The Sims FreePlay lets you live out your simming dreams on-the-go with your mobile phone. Luckily, a ton of features from the beloved PC game are in this version; like swimming in pools!

In order to build your very own pool, be warned that you’ll need a good amount of simoleons. They’re not cheap. But before even that, you’ll need to unlock them by completing the “It’s All Going Swimmingly” quest. Doing so will allow you to build and buy pools. Some people claim you need to be level 20, but the truth is you just need to complete that quest, as it will prompt you to build a pool for XP.

Once you can, tap on the Outdoors part of the shop and then you should see the pools tab. Simply build away, and get those washboard abs.

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