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Klei Entertainment’s Hot Lava Brings Back Childhood Memories


Klei Entertainment’s Hot Lava Brings Back Childhood Memories

Hot damn.

The developers behind Don’t Starve, Shank, Invisible Inc. and Mark of the Ninja have announced their latest title, namely Hot Lava. This marks Klei Entertainment’s first transition to a full 3D game.

Hot Lava brings the childhood game to the virtual world that had you jumping from the couch to the table whilst hugging the cupboard, because the floor was lava and it would burn you to a crisp upon touch. Now you can relive those memories without looking like a total fool in his mid thirties!

As shown in the gameplay trailer above, Hot Lava will take you back to “familiar territories” such as a children’s bedroom and a class room, all whilst having you hop from object to object without touching the boiling lava covering the floor. Not only will you leap your way through its levels, but there are some elements a la Mirror’s Edge that have you swinging from bars and gliding across ropes.

No release date has yet been announced, but you can enlist for the closed beta regardless. We will keep you updated as soon as more news about Hot Lava hits the web.



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