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Top 5 Best Headsets For PlayStation 4 in 2016


Top 5 Best Headsets For PlayStation 4 in 2016

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Headsets are some of the most important gear for playing video games, especially if you plan on gaming with friends online. However, there are hundreds of different choices out there that span a wide gambit of quality and price. When looking for the best headsets on PlayStation of 4, we decided to take in a variety of factors when making this list.

PS4 Headset

Setting aside the actual price, we are prioritizing sound quality, features, and the overall durability of the headset. We’re going to try and hit a range of prices, as not everyone has the ability to drop $300 on better audio quality. It’s also important to note that we have not been asked, gifted, or paid to discuss any of the following headsets. We are basing this list off of our own experiences and independent research done about each headset we decided to review.

If you are looking for quality headsets to use with your PlayStation 4, here are five of our recommendations.

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