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Fallout 4 Players are Really Excited to Kill Marcy Long

Marcy Long

Fallout 4 Players are Really Excited to Kill Marcy Long

I never liked her much anyway…

You know the deal. You roam the Commonwealth, solve some crazy dude’s problems, kill some albino Deathclaws, and you just about make it back home to Sanctuary. You pet Dogmeat,  hit up the crafting station and BAM, not enough duct tape. Rough day. All of a sudden, from an indeterminate angle comes the cry “You better keep your mouth shut about this place…”

Marcy Long. Perpetually grumpy (with good reason, but i’m not interested) feeding out of your palm, and living rent-free in the last bastion of the apocalypse. You shelter her from the horrors of the outside world, and she pays you back with sarcasm.

For a long time, players have had to just grin and bare her insults, let her demean you until you helplessly crack, hit the auto save button and hit her with some buckshot. Even then, she just lays on the ground for a while, still running her mouth.

I’m here to tell you that those days are over, my friends. As of Fallout 4’s 1.7 patch, Marcy’s flew too close to the sun, and her immortality has been stripped from her, leaving her helpless to your nefarious (yet justified) deeds.

If there was ever a reason to load Fallout 4 back up, this is it. The code for the MIRV launcher is 001c6bfa. You’re welcome 🙂

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