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SUPERHOT Is Being Transformed into a Card Game


SUPERHOT Is Being Transformed into a Card Game

Shootin’ red guys… with cards!

The slow-mo FPS indie hit, SUPERHOT, is officially being adapted into a brand new card game form. The announcement came directly from the SUPERHOT Team on the game’s official website where they also stated that the game was being designed by Manuel Correia, creator of the game Agent Decker, as well as Polish tabletop company Board and Dice.

Superhot Card Game

SUPERHOT is as much a strategy puzzle game as it is an FPS and it seems as though the team is dedicating to keeping the tabletop adaptation true to the source. “Play your cards well. Take your time. Because time moves only when you move,” the team teased on the post. The specifics for the game haven’t been outlined yet, but a Kickstarter for the game will be launching come December and we’re pretty positive we’ll be seeing much more around then.

SUPERHOT hasn’t been the only game recently transformed into a fresh tabletop version of itself. Bloodborne found it’s way into a card game variant which very successfully brought despair and frustration to a whole new gaming medium. If the SUPERHOT card game can capture the essence of the original as much as the Bloodborne one did, we’ll be falling in love with punching red polygon dudes and shooting them with their own weapons all over again.


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