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TRUE Wins StarCraft II Summer Championship; Secures Spot at BlizzCon Finals

StarCraft II

TRUE Wins StarCraft II Summer Championship; Secures Spot at BlizzCon Finals

TRUE is now one of the seven.

TRUE, the South Korean Zerg StarCraft II player currently playing for USA’s PSISTORM Gaming, defeated fellow South Korean Polt at the 2016 WCS Circuit: Summer Circuit Championship at Dreamhack Montreal to secure his spot at the Global Finals at Blizzcon. The championship featured plenty of high quality foreign talent such as Neeb and already-in-BlizzCon ShoWTimE, but the finals came down to two South Korean players currently playing abroad.

After splitting the first two games, TRUE won the next two to take a commanding 3-1 lead going into map 5, Galactic Process. In the fifth game, Polt attempted early pressure with a large amount of Reapers followed up with tried and true Marine drops to slow TRUE down. However, TRUE would successfully hold the attacks, and responded with an onslaught of cheap and easy to produce Zergling and Baneling attacks that eventually overran Polt.  Because Polt was unable to do enough damage to TRUE with his initial attacks, TRUE was able to wear Polt’s defenses down until an opportunity arose for TRUE to do serious economic damage to Polt. Polt was able to hang in there for about 11 minutes, but eventually TRUE came through and took the final game of the set, winning 4 games to 1.

The win secures TRUE’s spot in the StarCraft II Global Finals at BlizzCon in November regardless of where he finishes in the WCS standings. Considering he missed the early part of this year, a win at Montreal was critical, and luckily for him, he pulled it off. TRUE joins the man he defeated Polt, along with ShoWTimE, Dark, and Zest as players that are guaranteed a spot through premier SC2 tournament wins. The final two spots will be determined by the season 2 winners of the South Korean StarCraft II SSL and GSL leagues. The rest of the Global Finals will be filled out through WCS standings points from both WCS Circuit and WCS Korea.

If you wanted to see how everything shook out between TRUE and Polt, you can see the video of the match up below.

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