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Starbound: What a Perfectly Generic Item Is


Starbound: What a Perfectly Generic Item Is

Perfectly Generic Item – Starbound

If you’ve been playing through Starbound, especially in its early pre-release days, you may have run into a strange object called “Perfectly Generic Item.” Its name, art, and purpose seem null, so what exactly is it?

A Perfectly Generic Item is generated when there are no assets available for an object. The term serves as a placeholder for an item that doesn’t really belong in that world. This can happen if a bug occurs or if you try to place mod items into a multiplayer world without that mod installed. A Perfectly Generic Item will also appear if you try spawning an item in using admin codes, but misspell the code or enter something nonsensical.

Unfortunately, your Perfectly Generic Item isn’t so special. It just means that something broke. Players used to be able to use the strange item to craft, but this has since been disabled.

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