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Square Enix Superman Figurine is Absolutely Gorgeous


Square Enix Superman Figurine is Absolutely Gorgeous

Give your collection some hope.

Square Enix has released some pretty sleek figurines over the past couple of years, and this black-and-white Superman figurine based on his appearance in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is no exception.

Whereas other Play Arts Kai figurines have some extreme alterations to them, this version of the Man of Steel remains true to his movie counterpart in terms of his general style and posture. According to GameSpot, the figurine’s chest piece and cape are built out of flexible materials that allow you to readjust Superman’s pose to your liking, which is further complemented by the three sets of hands and two different heads that come with the figurine. Check them all out below.


This Superman figurine will set you back $150, which isn’t much compared to Bethesda’s Doom figurine but it’s still a hefty sum. However, the price is worth it if you’re a fan, because there are only 1,000 units available. Want one for yourself? Then you can pre-order a figurine through the Square Enix Online Store and have it shipped to you come end November, or you can pick one up directly at New York Comic-Con this October.


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