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Sony Adds Two-Step Verification to PSN


Sony Adds Two-Step Verification to PSN

Everybody 1, 2 Step.

Sony has added a two-step verification process to the PlayStation Network. It may not be the juiciest slice of gaming news, but security is important, especially in recent times. This move is very easy to implement and adds further security to the PS4, PS3, and the Vita.

You can find the two-step verification if you follow this path on your console home screen: Settings -> PlayStation Network Account Management -> Account Information -> Security -> 2-Step Verification.

It has taken the gaming giant a fairly long time, especially considering the security problems it has experienced in recent years. The new feature wasn’t publicized very loudly, and made its way onto the PlayStation 4 just this morning. After the infamous PSN hack of 2014, Sony has been surprisingly lackluster in its efforts to combat hackers. Two-step verification has been standard on services like Xbox Live and Steam for years now.

The #BetterPSN campaign was launched in 2015, and was an effort to raise awareness and add pressure on Sony to improve its safety measures. Amongst the list of improvements, two-step verification was included. Sony also recently revealed the use of folders, which is another idea that fans have been clamoring over for a long time.

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