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Snapchat’s Newest Tennis Game Puts You in the Shoes of Serena Williams

Serena Williams

Snapchat’s Newest Tennis Game Puts You in the Shoes of Serena Williams

Serving like a boss.

Snapchat has released its first multi-level game on the app and it features Serena Williams, a tennis superstar who has won 22 major titles in her career and will be going for her 23rd win on Sept. 10.

Serena Match Point is a retro looking game which places you in the shoes of Williams during each of her most decisive matches. You get three chances to score the final point of the match, once you have done that, you will move up to the next level all the way to 22. Each level is designed after every major match she has won, from the tennis court being the same color as in real life to what outfit she wore during that victory.

In order to play, you must tap the screen to start the serve, and you can tap the right or left side of the screen to change the direction of the ball. Thankfully you don’t have to worry about moving around too much other than perfecting your timing to return the ball. Players have a chance to create long rallies, in which the ball goes from player to player. If they time it correctly, they will get a “Great” or a “Perfect.”

This is usually a better hit that can help you win, has the crowd cheer louder and includes a recorded grunt found throughout tennis. If Williams wins her 23rd title in September, the game will receive another level for players to try. You can check out the game in the ESPN discover store. Once you see a tennis ball appear on-screen, slide upwards with your finger to start the game or head over to to try it online.


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