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Take In No Man’s Sky’s Sights and Sounds in this Planet Walkthrough Tour


Take In No Man’s Sky’s Sights and Sounds in this Planet Walkthrough Tour

There’s a great big world out there.

No Man’s Sky is quite the ambitious game from Hello Games. Their last project had players control a little stunt man in side-scrolling adventure, but this latest release has everyone traversing an impossibly large universe full of galaxies, different alien species, and creatures. A game like this would fail right out of the gate without the proper level of immersion, so its amazing to see that the studio has put its best foot forward in that regard.

The sheer ambiance of each planet, the sounds of unseen beasts roaring in the night sky, the danger of poisonous waters and freezing temperature, every single element of each planet allows for your trips to all feel new and somewhat daunting. The developers did a great job of making planets and galaxies feel unknown.

The UI is unobtrusive and fades away when not in use, allowing players to be pulled into the space faring adventure. Walking around and taking in the sights, closing your eyes and listing to the wind rustle the leaves as Starships fly overhead, and being startled by the sudden sound of rushing hooves help to make the entire experience feel all the more special.

What’s more amazing is that it keeps the immersive surroundings going strong even when you exit a planet’s atmosphere. While there is far less to look at while out in space, there’s something serene about drifting along with the asteroids and silence. Even when that gets interrupted by an impromptu pirate attack or some distress signal, you can’t help but feel like you’re really out there, exploring.

Of course, you don’t have to just take our word for it. We’ve put together a video to show you some of the sights and sounds you can expect to experience when you finally take a step out into the unknown that is No Man’s Sky.

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