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Salt and Sanctuary Devs Respond to Fans’ Dissatisfaction Over Vita Port Delay


Salt and Sanctuary Devs Respond to Fans’ Dissatisfaction Over Vita Port Delay

Being civil is the key to good relations.

Salt and Sanctuary was released on PC and PS4 earlier this year, and it’s well-known in the Dark Souls community as a 2D Souls game. You’ve got salt instead of souls, and sanctuaries instead of bonfires. Catch my drift? It’s a pretty good game, and its challenges and bosses are sure to give any Souls veteran a hell of a fun time to contend with. The game was also announced for the PS Vita, but the port has been delayed, and fans are not happy at all.

As it turns out, Ska Studios – made up of two developers who created Salt and Sanctuary – have received tons of threats, complaints, and berating from displeased fans over the delay and not having a solid release date for it. James Silva, one of the two devs from Ska Studios, has made a Facebook post to address these complaints.

‘I’m going to delete any post berating us for not having the Vita port done. I’m working on the Japanese PS4 release, integrating more localizations into all releases, and bug fixes. Another studio is working on the Vita port. Yelling at either studio isn’t going to speed up anything.

If you bought Salt and Sanctuary on PS4 solely to own it on Vita and are unsatisfied, you can absolutely ask Sony for a refund.’

The port is being handled by Sickhead Games, who was responsible for the Vita ports of games like Octodad and Axiom Verge. Silva also asked that players be more civil towards developers, and that he hated to see the gaming community become a toxic place.

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