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Has Deadpool 2 Found Its Cable and Domino?


Has Deadpool 2 Found Its Cable and Domino?

Really, does anyone still use Cable?

Like the titular character himself stated, the sequel to early 2016’s incredible successful superhero comedy Deadpool will most definitely include Cable, and it seems as if 20th Century Fox has its eyes set on one specific actor.

Kyle Chandler, who played agent Patrick Denham in Martin Scorsese’s comedic biography The Wolf of Wall Street, is being considered to play the time-travelling cyborg mutant in Deadpool 2 according to HeroicHollywood‘s Meet the Movie Press podcast. 

Jeff Sneider claims Chandler has been in consideration to play Cable for a few months now, yet he warns us to “take this with a gigantic grain of salt” since 20th Century Fox has yet to confirm Cable’s official casting.

Sneider also added that Deadpool 2 is looking to cast Mackenzie Davis as Domino, the highly skilled markswoman who has had multiple romantic affairs with Cable. Davis is known for playing Mindy Park in The Martian, as well as being part of a variety of other films. Sneider claims she will “be the scene-stealer of the movie,” which is quite a high standard to live up to considering the merc with the mouth himself will obviously accompany her on the big screen.

Image courtesy of Heroic Hollywood

Image courtesy of Heroic Hollywood

X-Men producer Simon Kinberg promises Deadpool 2 will be even more hilarious than the original with a lot of new and interesting fourth wall-breaking elements, such as providing commentary on “anything that’s happening in movies today, especially in superhero movies.”

Deadpool is said to hit theaters somewhere in 2018.


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