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Rocket League: How to Fly


Rocket League: How to Fly

How to fly.

Much of Rocket League’s appeal comes from how easy it is to pick up and play without having played before. However, there is an added layer that is essential in any high level or competitive Rocket League match. That added layer is aerial play.

It takes some time to get used to but when you have mastered it, flying opens up many more ways to score and makes matches faster-paced.

To actually fly, you should double tap the jump button and, once in the air, press the boost to propel you forward. Make sure you are patient and anticipate where the ball is going. Also, make full use of ball cam as it makes flying much easier. Using the handbrake well, jumping at the correct time, going fast enough, and judging the flight of the ball all take time to master, but practice makes perfect.

Flying is a huge part of Rocket League but it can be difficult to master.

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