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PSVR’s Robinson: The Journey “Ticks Off all the Sci-Fi Boxes”


PSVR’s Robinson: The Journey “Ticks Off all the Sci-Fi Boxes”

You had us at alien dinosaurs.

Revealed at Paris Games Week almost a year ago, we still know only the basic details about Crytek’s gorgeous PSVR exclusive title Robinson: The Journey. Opening up about some of the inspiration that is going into the game, Crytek promises not only a sci-fi fan’s dream come true, but also an outstanding VR experience.

“It ticks off all the sci-fi boxes,” says Producer Elijah Freeman. “It has an alien planet, dinosaurs, and robots. You can’t get a better game than that.”

But more than just being a sci-fi game, Crytek wants to make sure the experience is unlike anything you’ve seen before. “When we add any gameplay element we start thinking: Is this VR centric? Is this something that will make the player go ‘Oh my God. This is new,’” Animation and Creative Director Martin L’Heureux explains.

“From a concept point of view,” Producer Frank Özbayram says, “yes, we could do a traditional game. But from an experience point of view, this immersive gameplay experience, I don’t think we would be able to achieve it without VR.”

Everything from the character being a child to the robot companion, and even your mission being to explore, all ties back into the fundamental aspects of VR. Shown off more at E3 this year, we learned Robinson: The Journey follows 12-year old Robin, the only survivor of a crashed spaceship called the Esmeralda. Stranded on an alien world full of dinosaurs, you’ll have to figure out how to survive.

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