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Rick & Morty Creator & Epic Games Exec Launch VR Studio Squanchtendo

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Rick & Morty Creator & Epic Games Exec Launch VR Studio Squanchtendo

Squanchy Party Rick!

Hell yeah. After the announcement of Rick And Morty: Virtual Rick-ality (developed by Owlchemy labs) and the secret project between Roiland and Crows Crows Crows there appears to be even more good news for people who

a) Love Rick And Morty

b) Own a Virtual Reality headset

Yep, that’s right, the voice actor and creator of everybody’s favourite time travelling duo is opening a VR studio to create a bunch of sweet games.


As you can see from the hilarious press release, Justin Roiland will be working with Tanya Watson, veteran game dev from Epic Games, where she oversaw the production of the Gears of War series and Bulletstorm.

It’s pretty much a match made in heaven. The only way to make whatever zany stories Roiland has got left in his imaginative brain better would be to experience them in VR, right?

They aim to create funny and imaginative ‘story driven VR game experiences’ that they want to play themselves. These will range from ‘immersive experiences enjoyed for hours at a time’ to ‘shorter, crazier experiences to play with stray homeless people that you invited in so you could feed and bathe them’

Yeah. Hopefully they’ll have something for us to try soon, but until then, i’ll be in Cryosleep!



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