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Reigns: How to Trick the Devil and Get the Good Ending


Reigns: How to Trick the Devil and Get the Good Ending

Nerial recently unveiled Reigns, a game about ruling a kingdom as best you can by swiping card choices like some medieval version of Tinder. There’s a lot that can go wrong throughout your journey, so it can be quite a complicated process to figure out how to trick the devil and get the good ending. Luckily, App Unwrapper has the strategy down.

The quest to the good ending involves a lot of patience and strawberries. Be warned, if you wish to continue, there will be spoilers.

First thing is first, App Unwrapper walks through unmasking the Senator. You can check out the short guide below for help.

Next up, you’ll be heading to the dungeon and making friends with a skeleton. He’s pretty into strawberries:

So let’s go get him some strawberries! This seemingly simple feat is going to require a few more quests and reawakening the Vase:

Now that you have your strawberry, you can seek Kloc for aid. App Unwrapper walks us through what to do next:

Finally, you’re ready to trick the devil and reach the end. Check out this final walkthrough for a guide on that.

Thanks a million to App Unwrapper for these tips. Hopefully you’re enjoying Reigns and all of its endings, too.

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