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5 Reasons Pokemon GO Players Are Moving On Already


5 Reasons Pokemon GO Players Are Moving On Already

The dream to be the very best will remain just a dream for some.

Pokemon GO came in July and quickly began taking the world by storm. Leading up to its release, the excitement was palpable, but it was still impossible to predict just how big the game would become. This simple mobile app put those little creatures from our childhood out in the real world. Suddenly, everyone with a smart device was on a quest to be the very best, catching Pokemon and taking over gyms.

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The changes that this simple game brought along were incredible, allowing Pokemon GO to leave its mark on video game history in such a short period of time. Yet, it would seem that honeymoon period is coming to a close. As we move into August, many players who jumped onto the hype-train are slowly but surely departing from Pokemon’s biggest adventure. And while it may be difficult for some of the most dedicated trainers to even fathom why someone would do that, there are a few reasons.

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