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Rare Pokemon Sighting Sparks a Stampede in Taiwan

Pokemon GO

Rare Pokemon Sighting Sparks a Stampede in Taiwan


Pokemon GO is still a phenomenon all around the world and a rare Pokemon spawning in a populated area can cause mass hysteria. A Snorlax recently appeared in Taipei, sparking a stampede to the Pokemon’s location, and a video of the rushing crowds was posted on Facebook.

The video is shot from above a busy street and shows hundreds of people rushing in the same direction in search of the rare Pokemon. However, the sighting didn’t stop players from abiding by traffic lights and crossing signals.

Snorlax is a very powerful creature and is one of the rarest in Pokemon GO. It can only be found by hatching 10km eggs and for short amounts of time at random locations – so the hysteria is understandable.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen scenes like this. In July, a video appeared online that showed hundreds of fans in New York City’s Central Park sprinting towards the location of a wild Vaporeon.

Have you been part of a hunt like that? Let us know in the comments below.

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