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PS4 Update 4.00 Will Have Content Folders, Improved Menus, and More

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PS4 Update 4.00 Will Have Content Folders, Improved Menus, and More


The PS4’s upcoming update 4.00 is going to bring some new changes to Sony’s system, and on the PlayStation Blog, they revealed a sliver of what those changes will be. First up is that the UI has been completely overhauled. There’s new system backgrounds and the What’s New tab has been completely revised. Popup notifications and system icons have been updated and redesigned, too. According to Sony, the overall look and feel of it is the same, there’s just “a fresh coat of paint”. Second is the ability to create folders for the content on your system. There’ll also be a new Purchased tab that covers all games, apps, and whatever else you’ve been a part of, like betas and demos. You’ll have the ability to search for games by typing them in via text, and you can sort them based on their install status, or when you bought them.

Next up are improved menus. Holding down the PS button on the controller will bring up an improved Quick Menu when update 4.00 rolls out. It’s been made faster and easier to use, and it’ll only take up a portion of the screen as opposed to the whole thing. The new menu will also let you see your friends’ online status, and you’ll be able to access your Party, Favorite Groups, and PS4 Communities. If there’s anything you want to switch out or get rid of in the menu, you can do that too. The Share Menu has similar changes in that it takes up only a portion of the screen this time, and it’ll save the last social media network you uploaded screenshots or videos. For players who upload video clips to Twitter, the length has been extended from 10 seconds to 140.

Finally, there’s user profiles and trophy improvements. Trophies have an “offline mode” option that allows you to view your entire collection without an internet connection, along with the ability to view Hidden Trophies. It’ll still be hidden by default, but you’ll be able to view the name and info of said Trophy. Icons will be changed to show the rarity of the Trophy, this time being a pyramid with ultra-rare Trophies at the top. User profiles will be updated so that you can compare Trophies right from the get-go, and you can add a background image to your own profile.

Update 4.00 is in beta now, and will be going out to participants soon via email for instructions on how to download. For PS4 players in general, more information on the update, including its release date, will be provided in the coming weeks.

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