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5 Promises Hello Games Delivered On With No Man’s Sky


5 Promises Hello Games Delivered On With No Man’s Sky

Did they deliver?

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No Man’s Sky is finally out and players can begin exploring the 18 quintillion planets Hello Games has created. When the game was first revealed, there were a lot of questions around about what exactly we could expect. Will it be a space epic in the mould of Mass Effect, only on a grander scale? Will it be crafting-focused, or a ‘Minecraft in space’ kind of game? Or will it be something we have never seen before? Even days before release, many people intending to pick the game up weren’t sure what they were buying. However, in the months running up to its release, Hello Games outlined what the game was all about and promised to deliver some features that would make the game special. Whether or not you feel they delivered everything you expected, one thing is for sure – unique experiences await for anyone up for a bit of exploration.

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