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Prepare for Fallout 4’s Nuka-World Expansion With This Animated Safety Video


Prepare for Fallout 4’s Nuka-World Expansion With This Animated Safety Video

Stay Hydrated With Nuka-Cola!

Fallout 4’s next, and final, expansion, Nuka-World, is right around the corner. Players will be thrust into a theme park that has been lost to time and transformed by the nuclear fallout just like the rest of the irradiated Wasteland. It’s been overrun by Raiders, and now you must tap into your own inner Raider to unite forces and take back this “fun” location.

Of course, like in all theme parks, you’re going to have to follow all the safety rules and make sure everything’s up to snuff. Thankfully, Bethesda, and the good folks at Nuka-World, have provided a video to help you prepare for just that. Starring Bottle & Cappy, the park’s resident mascots, and featuring a fun theme song, you can learn all of the safety rules you need before you start wreaking havoc across the park.

What starts as a simple video demonstrating park safety quickly descends into the dangers of the wasteland and what happens to those who are inattentive. Make sure to stay alert and keep your arms and legs in the rides at all times, kids. Also, make sure to “Stay Hydrated With Nuka-Cola!”

This isn’t the first time that the developers have set out to prepare fans for what’s to come in Fallout 4’s last hurrah. They’ve also provided a map of the expansive theme park so you can plan out your “vacation,” and strategy, before hand.



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