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Half of All Pokemon GO Players Used Pokevision, Says Creator in Open Letter to Niantic

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Half of All Pokemon GO Players Used Pokevision, Says Creator in Open Letter to Niantic


Pokemon GO’s recent changes haven’t rubbed people the right way. In fact, it’s made people upset with developers Niantic and founder John Hanke, who’ve given dodgy and unsatisfying answers over the past few days. Now, things have gotten to the point where Pokevision founder Yang Liu has commented on it.

In his letter, Yang talks about how he first got into the series as a child, but stopped playing for two decades because it didn’t “fit” into his life anymore and he had no time for it. GO was his full reintroduction into the series, and it completely captivated him. Then, as he says, Niantic broke the game “all too quickly.”

It’s a lengthy read, about nine minutes in all, but Liu talks about how he had to make Pokevision as a “fix” for in-game tracking that was broken, and he was aware that it would stop being used once the tracker was fixed. He even says, “We didn’t make Pokevision to spite you, Niantic — we made it so that we can keep everyone playing while we wait patiently. We want to keep sharing our Pokemon stories with everyone else.” Before its shutdown earlier this week, things grew to where Pokevision had nearly 50 million unique users. In fact, half of the player base for the game actually used his service, simply because the game in its current state was “too unbearable”.

Finally, Liu closes things off with Liu telling Niantic how they’ll be remembered for the world they changed through Pokemon, and urges them to see how much good they can do with Pokemon GO. “Is that not more valuable than anything else? I sure think so.”

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