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Pokemon GO’s New IV-Checking Appraisal Feature is No Help at All


Pokemon GO’s New IV-Checking Appraisal Feature is No Help at All

This Pokemon definitely has some good stats! DEFINITELY!

Niantic released a new update for Pokemon GO yesterday, and it introduced a brand new Appraisal feature. The developer had been shutting off its servers to third-party websites that allowed players to check the hidden stats and IVs of their Pokemon prior to the update, but the new Appraisal feature seemed to restore some hope among those in the community.

Unfortunately, it’s shit.

When you boot up Pokemon GO and tap one of your Pokemon, you’ll be able to access the new Appraise option in the bottom right corner of the screen. Your team leader (in my case, Spark) will then show up and give you four lines of dialogue that are supposed to serve as hints with regards to what each Pokemon’s highest stat is. Here are some of my findings with the new feature…


Spark will make a note if your Pokemon’s got room for improvement, but I imagine that line is mostly in relation to the level of your catch, and indicates that you need to power it up with Stardust in order for it to reach its full potential. That said, he seems to just spew out the same lines about how all of my Pokemon have great stats, and this makes it really difficult to determine which Pokemon I really want to use my candy on. Spark, bless his little heart, is just too nice right now for the Appraisal feature to work effectively.

Pokemon GO’s new addition is a nice touch, but it needs to give players more specific information and details if Niantic really wants it to be useful to the more hardcore and competitive trainers out there. Right now, the information is too vague to be of any use to players who want to make sure they have the absolute best Pokemon for capturing and defending Gyms.

Also, it sure would be nice if we had a feature where we could track down specific Pokemon that we wanted to appraise, hmm?

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