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Pokémon GO Launches in Latin America, Addresses Some Upcoming Fixes

Pokemon GO

Pokémon GO Launches in Latin America, Addresses Some Upcoming Fixes

Catch ’em all in the Brazilian heat, starting today.

According to an update posted on the game’s official Facebook page, Pokémon GO has finally launched in Central and South America. Users can now download and play the immensely popular app from the Latin American app store without having to find a workaround. And it arrives just in time for Rio 2016, too!

The post also addresses some issues iOS users have experienced, namely the Battery Saver option that had been removed from the game in the latest update. Some users seemed to come across some bugs with this option enabled, such as freezes and crashes. Developer Niantic will be rolling out a patch for the issue within the next few days.

There’s no denying that Pokémon GO is one of the most popular games currently available on mobile platforms, whether you like the app or absolutely despise it. While its daily users did see a small decline near the end of last month, the hype the game built up when it was released early without the knowledge of the general public is likely to blame for that small dip in its users after the excitement had settled. Regardless, Pokémon GO still stands strong against its competitors, and with the updates that keep rolling out, these numbers will likely rise rapidly once again.

Niantic’s highest priority, however, is ensuring that Pokémon GO will see its global release sooner rather than later. Most players currently seem to be annoyed by the broken – and now entirely removed – tracking mechanic, yet there is no word at the time of writing when this feature will be added again. It looks like players will have to rely on their Poké-instinct just a bit longer.


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