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Pokémon GO Banned in Iran Due to Security Concerns

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Pokémon GO Banned in Iran Due to Security Concerns

Looks like Iran got away safely.

According to BBC, Pokémon GO has been banned by the Iranian authorities due to concerns surrounding the users’ security and general safety, especially that of younger children. This decision was made by the High Council of Virtual Spaces, which is the official authority overseeing online activity.

While Iran isn’t the first country to express its concerns regarding Pokémon GO’s security, it is the first country so far to ban Pokémon GO altogether. Reports state that the Iranian authorities had requested developer Niantic to co-operate regarding safety issues, but since Niantic took no further steps, the game has now been banned in Iran after some contemplation.

This isn’t the first strange Pokémon GO story we’ve heard, but it’s definitely one of the most extreme ones to date. Besides the game being banned completely in Iran, around 3,000 New York accounts will be banned as well. Luckily for the avid player, these accounts belong to registered sex offenders, meaning the ban keeps them from luring victims towards a certain dark alley by placing Lure Modules on Pokéstops.

Plenty of odd stories are going around, and that list will only growing seeing how Pokémon GO will soon be released world wide. Remember to stay safe and to implement the buddy-system when you’re going out Pokémon hunting in an unfamiliar neighborhood, trainers!


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