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Overwatch Helped Activision Blizzard Earn a Whopping $1.57 Billion in Q2


Overwatch Helped Activision Blizzard Earn a Whopping $1.57 Billion in Q2

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There is no doubt that Overwatch has taken the gaming world by storm since its release, despite its arguably heavy price tag and rather expensive purchasable Loot Boxes. Three months have passed since the release of Blizzard’s latest hit and the game is still going strong with a mental 15 million players and rising. Makes you wonder why it’s so hard to find a proper team that knows you can’t escort the payload with four Bastions, right?

With the success of Overwatch, Blizzard has made a whopping $1.57 billion in Q2 of this year, with Overwatch alone earning the studio 500 million dollars within three months of its release. That’s an absolutely insane figure, mind you. Along with the success of Overwatch, both Hearthstone and World of Warcraft remain some of the studio’s highest grossing titles.

“This strong performance was driven by Overwatch’s successful launch, now with life-to-date franchise revenue excluding deferral at about $0.5 billion, World of Warcraft’s strong pre-expansion momentum with Legion III purchases tracking in line with the previous expansion, and Hearthstone’s double-digit revenue growth behind the successful launch of the Old Gods expansion,” states Thomas Tippl, Blizzard’s COO.

“The launch of Overwatch drove engagement to record highs, leading to their biggest revenue quarter ever with quarterly operating income that was nearly triple Q2 of last year,” said Dennis M. Durkin, CFO. “Blizzard also had its biggest quarter in China with the meaningful increase in revenues versus the previous high last year. World of Warcraft, Hearthstone and Overwatch success in Asia shows the depth of Blizzard’s resonance in important growth markets.”

Now all we can do is rub our chins and raise an eyebrow as we ask ourselves how much money Overwatch will make Blizzard in Q3. If they keep supporting the game like they’re doing now, those numbers might reach the success of Q2.

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