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No Man’s Sky: What Distress Signals Are


No Man’s Sky: What Distress Signals Are

Distress Signals – No Man’s Sky

There are many different things you can encounter while exploring No Man’s Sky’s universe. Buildings, aliens, wildlife, weird plants, and murderous weather systems are among the most common, but there are others that can lead you on quests or to useful rewards. One such encounter is with Distress Signals.

These are radio signals sent out by an alien who happened to be caught in a bad situation. Sometimes it’s a bad storm, other times it can be a run-in with pirates. Either way, they needed help and sent out a call. You can discover Distress Signals in two ways. The first is to use your scan while flying through space (L3). The second is to locate beacons or radio towers within a planet’s atmosphere. Either method has the potential of revealing a waypoint for a distress signal.

Heading to those signals will reveal a crashed ship with the alien that used to pilot it long since dead. There will be resources in cargo drops nearby, blueprints, and you’ll have the option of claiming the ship for yourself. The only caveat is that you will have to repair all of its broken systems just like you did when you first started No Man’s Sky. Still, though, at least it didn’t cost you 2 million Units.

For more help with No Man’s Sky, feel free to check out our constantly expanding wiki.

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