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Green Herbs Will Return in Resident Evil 7

resident evil 7

Green Herbs Will Return in Resident Evil 7

Herbal tea, anyone?

The reveal of Resident Evil 7 took gamers by surprise when it was announced at E3 last month, returning to the series’ survival horror roots and taking a step back from the action whilst putting the player in a whole new perspective. While this will undoubtedly bring many changes to the traditional Resident Evil formula, some things will never really change.

Resident Evil 7 will feature the traditional green herbs that will allow players to heal up, as well as medicine bottles and… a coin? The image shown below was sent along with a newsletter to those who are enlisted in the Resident Evil Ambassador program.

Resident Evil 7 herbs

Ah, those good old herbs… Nothing better than ingesting some leaves after being partially ripped to shreds by a horde of zombies. As for the coin, nobody seems to have a clue as to what it could refer to. It may very well be a new form of currency that allows the player to buy healing items and such as was the case with Resident Evil 4’s Merchant. Could we see a similar character in this seventh entry? We sure hope so!




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