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No Man’s Sky Sees a 90% Drop in Daily Active Users on PC

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No Man’s Sky Sees a 90% Drop in Daily Active Users on PC

Planets just started blending together.

According to SteamSpy, the PC user base statistics for No Man’s Sky aren’t pretty. When the game launched on Steam on August 12, it saw about 220,000 players on that first day before experiencing a rather sharp decline over the course of the next couple of weeks. As of yesterday, there are only about 20,000 daily active players. Do note that these statistics only apply to the PC player base, and does not take into account the number of people playing on PS4.

Since its launch, Hello Games has come under heavy fire for the lack of key features that were advertised months before official release. The absence of any multiplayer interaction, intelligent alien races, and ship discoveries has left a bad taste in consumers’ mouths, and the deafening silence from Hello Games on these issues isn’t really helping either. On the bright side, the developers have been rolling out patches for the game to improve stability and reduce the number of crashes players are experiencing, so things are kind of looking up, at least.

No Man’s Sky is now available on PS4 and PC.

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